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👋🏼  Hey, I’m Taiyab — a freelance UI/UX + product designer with over 10+ years of experience in delivering phenomenal outcomes for startups & scaleups.

Born and based in Birmingham UK 🇬🇧

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Worked with over 50+ organisations worldwide...

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Taiyab Raja - Exercism V3 Design


A deep-dive into my journey designing Exercism V3 — a free, open-source code learning + practice platform with over 1.2M+ students.

  • Open Source
  • Design Systems
  • End-to-end UX
  • B2C
  • Learning & Development
  • UI/Visual Design
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
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"Taiyab is an experienced, thought-out, and highly skilled UI/UX designer. Not only can he create world-class looking designs, he does so in a manner that focusses on the user's experience and functionality."

Taiyab Raja - Kaido Design Preview


Kaido pivoted into a B2B SaaS platform to help companies improve employee engagement + develop team culture. As an core member of the team, I was responsible for end-to-end design on the new platform and design system.

  • B2B SaaS
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Team Culture
  • Design Systems
  • End-to-end UX
  • UI/Visual Design
  • Wireframing
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"Taiyab is super talented at what he does. He's an asset to any organisation or team."

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An expert in Design Systems & Design Ops, all with a Comp. Sci background.

Whether you're looking to introduce consistency through a shiny new design system, or want to improve your design collaboration + handoff workflows, I can help.

Graduated with a BSc. Computer Science, I understand code and I'm familiar with most frontend & CSS frameworks. Love working close-knit with development teams.

Open to freelance, contract or full-time positions.

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